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Plan for Long-Term Care and Disability

People are living longer and the risk of becoming disabled or needing long term care at some point during your life is increasing. According to the 2013 Genworth's Survey, the annual cost of residential nursing home care in Massachusetts is $125,925 - $133,225. Medicare will not cover these costs.

In order to qualify for MassHealth, you must have no more than $2,000 in assets. With limited exception, any transfer of assets made within the five (5) years before the date you apply for MassHealth will cause a period of ineligibility.  You can avoid this five-year look-back period with advanced planning.

However, even if you or a loved one require imminent residential nursing home care or are in a nursing home now, there are ways that we can manage your assets so that you are able to qualify for MassHealth assistance.  You do not have to “spend-down” everything you own until you have only $2,000.00 left. 

Whether it is through advanced planning or in an emergency situation, we can help you reposition your assets so that you can qualify for MassHealth, minimize any period of ineligibility, and still allow you to benefit from use of your assets.