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Some people think they can save money on legal fees by preparing their own MassHealth applications. However, the application is a complicated document that most find confusing. Eligibility can often only be won with complex legal and financial planning necessary to overcome Medicaid obstacles. Even nursing home professionals, who deal with MassHealth on a daily basis, often refer prospective residents to an outside professional for this reason.

Although you may certainly be capable of doing it yourself, trying to complete your own application can be daunting. At a minimum you need to provide and account for up to 60 months of records for all of your bank account and other assets you have owned during that time.  If you make mistakes due to unfamiliarity with government regulations, you may compromise or lose your ability to qualify for benefits. Loss or delay of eligibility may ultimately have a devastating financial impact.

Non-attorney professional Medicaid application companies may advertise that they will assist you with your application.  However, many times they require you to assemble and provide the required documentation, then they merely submit it on your behalf.  Further, MassHealth frequently has follow-up questions or requests for verification after the initial application is submitted.  These companies often advise you that there are follow-up inquires, but expect you to provide any responses or additional documentation.

We will take the burden of filing and processing the MassHealth application off your shoulders.  We will contact the necessary financial institutions and directly obtain the required records.  We will obtain and provide copies of any additional documentation MassHealth may require, including real estate deeds and assessments, vehicle registration, trusts or other estate planning documents, and medical records.  We will preemptively address any potential “red flags” MassHealth may question in your records.  We will be the point person for any further questions MassHealth may have regarding your application. Let us help.  The cost of hiring us to assist you will likely be less than one month of what you would pay privately for nursing home care.